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Legex is a company with extensive experience in fintech, online marketing and business consulting, which helps enterprises launch new businesses and implement modern IT systems in the field of international banking and payment processing, billing and settlement management, CRM and data management.


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Who we are

The founders of the company and the team are IT specialists and financial experts with more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and banking industries, 5 years in payment processing, who have implemented various highly loaded transaction systems, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Data Management systems.

Services for our customers

We help new companies to register and start a business, as well as provide support to current clients in the field of information technology, compliance with regulatory requirements (KYC/AML) and accounting.

Do you have any issues in these areas? Would you like to learn more about our features and services? We will be glad to communicate with you!

Popular countries for business registration of our usual clients

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Send us your inquiries and visions describing your future business or IT development requirements and we will offer you the best solutions to meet dream.