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Company registration
in United Kingdom

In the UK, you can make a company registration and filing directly online on the government website But there are a lot of details you have to know to do it correctly. In usual case, businessmen hire consultants and professional registrars to save time and resources.

Please find below a summary of the packages for international clients. Company registration takes 24 hours and doesn’t require personal presence. LTD would require a min of 1 director and a shareholder, who can be the same person. There are no restrictions on the nationality or residency of the directors and shareholder.

On average, the process of registering a company in Estonia with the opening of bank accounts takes about one to two months and costs about 5,000 Euro (without the equity capital – 2,000 Euro).

Legex Ltd can help you throughout the company formation process. We can assist with drafting the Memorandum and Articles of Association and through a power of attorney, we can make the necessary submissions for corporate registration and for obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.

In terms of the bank account, if directors/shareholders of the company are not based in the UK, it will be complicated to open account in the UK, however, our international clients are currently using the services of the Electronic payment institutions (or PSP, payment service provider). Legex can assist with opening account with many banks and PSPs in UK/EU and worldwide. 

1. The sequence of actions and the list
of documents:

A copy of the passport

You provide a photo of passport or its scanned version.
Notarized power of attorney

Notarized power of attorney

Zeon company prepares a power of attorney template and sends it to the founder, who notarizes the document and sends it by courier to Zeon office in Tallinn. Then the power of attorney is translated into Estonian by a sworn translator.


questionnaire, you will need to specify all the information necessary for the registration of the company and the preparation of relevant documents.

Among the main advantages of registering a company in Liechtenstein, the following can be noted:

  • A simple mechanism for opening and maintaining the company's efficiency and confidentiality – data about shareholders/beneficiaries are not entered in the Public Register and are not disclosed.

  • After the registration of the company, the previously contributed authorized capital is unfrozen and its use is possible at the discretion of the owner

  • There is a ready-made set of banks that open accounts for Liechtenstein crypto startups
  • Registered companies pay a fixed fee of 1,200 Swiss francs (CHF) once a year, onshore business is taxed 12.5% of the annual profit, offshore – 0%. VAT of 8% is lower than the average European indicators

  • Regulation in the crypto industry is carried out on the basis of the Blockchain Act of 2020, this is one of the most convenient jurisdictions for blockchain/crypto projects in the EU

  • There is a ready-made set of banks that open accounts for Liechtenstein crypto startups

The definition of the equity capital for ESTONIA is at least 2,500 Euro for a company

3. Choosing a company name

Choosing a company name
The customer provides 2-3 options, Zeon checks the names in the register for uniqueness.

4. Planning the opening of bank accounts

Not every bank is ready to serve the crypto business and work with startups. But working through partner programs with crypto-friendly banks, you can get approval from banks in advance and prepare the documents required for onboarding.

You also need to consider user accounts options, access levels and payment flow schemes.


OPTION 1 - £150

We offer a UK limited company registration, provision of the prestigious London registered address and handling of official mail from the companies house and HMRC a total of 12 months.

OPTION 2 - £450

We offer this exclusive company registration package, which includes the director' service address, business and SAIL address, along with registered office address in London, with government mail scanning service.

OPTION 3 - £950

This company formation option comes with the legal secretary, and is the one of our most popular packages for worldwide clients, who are not familiar with the UK corporate law and regulations.

Additional services available:

Directors’ service address - £25

(included into option 2)

Secretarial package - £450

(included into option 3)

General business mail - £300

(included into option 2)

Notary and apostille – from £250

Phone line set up and call answering

Phone line set up and call answering (not call forwarding) – from £250.00 per year 


  We can assist with preparation of annual accounts and tax return, but the fees will vary depending on the volume of transactions company will have in a financial year. For company with less than 200 transactions per year, the cost of the accounting service is from £1150.

If you require monthly bookkeeping, then monthly fees would be in the range of £200-£300 per month
We would usually require the following information to provide a quote:
  • Bank Statement
  • Any contract/agreement 
  • Details of any assets held
  • Any other accounting information
  • Any loans

VAT registration

Our fee for the VAT application is £65 (for UK company with UK based director and UK place of business) or £200 (for application with non-UK based director as a point of contact and with non-UK based address, as a place of business).

Note, the tax office will look to establish a purpose for issuing a VAT number, you will need to demonstrate that you either have or intend to have UK clients, or that your company has physical presence in the UK.

Should you require service of the VAT agent, which will enable us to communicate with the HMRC on behalf of your company and also to receive copies of any communication issued by the tax office for the attention of your company, our fee for the same will be £750 per year

Please note we do not provide service of the VAT representative (person entity responsible for the VAT filings and payments of any VAT due to the tax office)

*fees subject to VAT (if applicable) 

The VAT application made by non-resident can take 4-6 weeks to be processed, application made by UK resident usually take 5-10 working days. 


Please note our fee for the EORI application is £150. If it is done together with application for VAT, the price will be £95.

Know Your Client (KYC):

Please note, with any purchase we require the following documents from all proposed new directors/members and payment card holders:
  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of address dated within last 3 month

These documents can either be provided as certified copy or you can apply for electronic verification.

UBO declaration and disclaimer will need to be completed, signed and witnessed

6. Selection of a contact person and a legal address

7. Conducting a transaction with a notary

Contact person

✓ A contact person is necessary for non-residents to interact with government agencies, process correspondence and appeals.

The presence of a contact person and a legal address for non-residents is regulated by the Commercial Code in Estonia and is mandatory.

Conducting a transaction with a notary

The date/time of the transaction at the notary should be planned in advance. The approximate waiting time is within a week, with large downloads it is possible to be increased to two weeks to complete a transaction for the registration of a company.

✓ After the transaction, the application for registration of the company is considered within 5 working days.

8. Preparation of a package of registration documents

Zeon will translate registration documents into English with notarization, prepare electronic copies of documents, and coordinate the transfer/storage of physical copies of registration documents.

See full list of services related to company registration in Liechtenstein in Price List.

Do not hesitate to contact us and reserve the option to register company in Estonia right now!